About Literacy Trust

At Literacy Trust, we believe education is a basic human right and access to high-quality literacy instruction is a cornerstone of our democracy. Our mission is to leverage what already exists in school communities to increase educational capacity in order to create fluent, motivated, self-confident readers.

Through our signature program, Reading Rescue, we provide professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school community members. Simultaneously, students are provided literacy intervention, particularly students of color in high-poverty neighborhoods. We strive to implement sustainable intervention models that eventually become a core component of the school’s literacy ecosystem. Reading Rescue is currently partnering with 90 New York City schools, reaching over 800 educators and 1500 students, throughout the five boroughs.

Literacy Trust is an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion. We demonstrate this by ensuring that our programs and offering reflect our values. Our focus is on promoting self-empowerment for educators, by providing additional resources and support, and by providing more students with opportunities to become readers (since we believe the ability to read is a basic civil right).

At Literacy Trust, we promote events, ideas, thinking, programs, and communities that inspire action in pursuit of universal access to literacy. To learn more about Literacy Trust, please visit: www.literacytrust.org.

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